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Welcome to English to Sinhala Language Translate Tool.

Are you difficult to master the English language well?.  We help you, we are created a tool for you. You can easily use this tool for English to Sinhala language Translation.

How to use this tool?
English to Sinhala

You can see a big box for typing words. Copy the words or passages you want to translate. Then paste it into that box. Then press the purple “Translate” button. It is then translated into Sinhala. You can then copy the text if you want to copy it

If you access this from a smart phone, you can also translate Sinhala to English. You can easily use the Sinhala keyboard on your phone for that.

We have many languages

you can get your translation in many languages. You can use the translation menu to help. Select the languages ​​you want and translate.

This tool is a Web Application. You can use both mobile devices and Desktop devices. if you have any issues. please let me know. this is my email address : [email protected]